Monday, August 27, 2012

My Story -Preview

Once again, it's been two weeks since I last posted. I'm still getting a feel for how frequently I do want to post. Originally, I had planned on posting more frequently. I do enjoy writing, although I'm realizing that with everything I have going on in my life right now, it can get to be more time-consuming than I had originally anticipated. And even though I have several topics for discussion in mind, until I have some more ideas, I don't want to use them up too quickly.

So for now, I may stick with posting every other week. Though if there is enough interest, and I find more to post about, I will consider posting more frequently.

For those of you following my blog that are friends with me on Facebook, I will continue to post links when I update my blog.

Now that I've got the logistics out of the way, on to the topic I want to post about today.

Shortly after I published my first post on this blog, a friend of mine that I used to work with told me that she enjoyed reading what I wrote because it gave her a chance to get to know me better. I was pleased to hear that. As I've mentioned before, when I was keeping this part of my life so secret, I was also limiting the opportunity for others to get to know me.

That isn't to say that others didn't know me at all. But throughout my teen years, I was so terrified of being found out that I hid it, along with a lot of other things about myself that I thought might give hints of it to others, so deeply that nobody would ever find it.

The result was that I was very slow to open up to others, even those who had been my friends for years. I imagine to those that knew me even less well, I either came off as painfully shy or stand-offish (both of which had some truth in them).

But I've found that as I have opened up with others and let them get to know the real me (rather than the "mask" I had put on for so long), that I've created some meaningful friendships. In trying to protect myself from potentially being rejected by others, I had been robbing myself of the opportunity to be authentic and let others get to know me.

Shortly after I first found support online, I wrote out my "story." I shared with those I trusted my experiences of first noticing my attractions and how I dealt with it. I shared the parts of me that I normally kept carefully hidden.

It turned out to be a rewarding experience. I found that there were others that could either relate to my experiences or feelings, or, like the friend I mentioned earlier, it gave others the chance to get to know the "real" me.

I plan on taking that a step further with my blog by telling my story in a series of posts. So over the next few months, if you follow my blog, you will have the opportunity to get to know me, my life, and what I've experienced.

As always, I appreciate feedback on my blog. I love the comments I receive on the links I post on Facebook for my blog posts, and I would ask that you also leave a comment here on the blog itself. Thank you for reading and contributing to the discussion.

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