Welcome to my blog. This is a forum for me to discuss my life, thoughts, feelings and beliefs. I am LDS (or Mormon) and I am bisexual. Much of what I discuss on this blog will be about Mormonism and sexuality, including how I balance both in my life. For years I have had the desire to create bridges of understanding and respect between the Mormon and LGBT communities, as well as between the LGBT community and the SSA community*. I believe in standing up for my beliefs, even when they're not popular, they're not what society expects of me, or they go against the grain. As I am also a runner (at least at times), "My Run Against the Grain" is a fitting name for this blog.

I welcome and encourage dialogue, discussion, comments and questions on this blog. My only rule is that it is done in a respectful manner. No anti-Mormon or anti-gay/queer comments will be tolerated.

*SSA refers to Same-Sex Attraction; for the purposes of my blog, the SSA community refers to those that are attracted to the same sex, but choose not to engage in romantic or sexual behavior or in relationships with those of the same sex.


  1. I am really glad you are starting this blog Adam! Much luck and love :3

  2. Glad to know you've started a blog. When I realized how long ago I started mine, I began to feel like a relic.